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Acura: A Legend in the Making

In the 70s, Honda's clever engineering had cemented the company's place among the best automakers on the market, so the next logical step was an entry into the luxury market. In 1986, they started Acura with the Legend, a front wheel drive V6-powered car unlike anything the luxury segment had seen. While plenty of brands tried to imitate the Legend, the brand stayed one step ahead with the NSX, the world's first practical supercar, and affordable sport-oriented models like the Integra and RSX.

Why Use Genuine Acura Part?

Acura is the crown jewel of Honda Motor Company, representing their best engineering. By using OEM parts, you're getting several benefits available only with factory replacements:

-Built to meet Acura's quality standards

-Fit, function and look exactly like the parts used to build your car

-Backed by a factory warranty

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